Limecraft. The workspace for Video Teams

Limecraft helps producers and storytellers to improve collaboration and create more compelling stories.

Overschoulder picture of Hotel Hungaria using Limecraft for the prestigious documentary series 'Our Nature'

Loved by award-winning creators. Trusted by the largest producers.

Limecraft is the smartest collaborative workspace on the market. It allows production teams of all sizes to embark on seamless, 100% digital collaboration – from the first rushes to managing thousands of masters.

Limecraft is a future-proof platform that allows remote editing with zero risk, to integrate your trusted tools, and to create your own workflow. Limecraft bridges digital gaps and automates the grunt work, so you can spend more time on creative story editing. Out of the box, Limecraft is as smart and sophisticated as your production assistant. When you bring the learning loop to live, capturing knowledge and experience of the real world, it becomes increasingly more helpful. More like a senior member of the editorial team.

How it started

Limecraft was brought to life in 2010 with the very specific ambition to create a solid Media Asset Management offering in the cloud, optimised for the most demanding use cases. Prior to incorporating Limecraft, the core team worked for one of the leading and most innovative broadcasters on the European continent.

Capitalising on a raft of expertise, Limecraft quickly became the reference for creative storytellers. An online platform accessible to teams of various sizes, and for various types of productions. Creating bridges between digital isles, emancipating thousands of hours of manual work, and eventually allowing the user to create a better story.

By constantly capturing new emerging requirements proposed by users, Limecraft improves every single day. Over the course of the last 12 years, Limecraft has evolved into the most complete and intuitive online video workspace currently available.

Timeline Limecraft
  • 250+ customers

  • 10 000+ monthly active users

  • 50+ countries

  • 200 PB of Storage under management