Media Management

Customer case

Limecraft’s browser-based media management software is designed to your way of working.

Workflow Components

The workflow is based on our core product.

Limecraft flow

Flow is our browser-based media management software that handles encoding and playback. Manage your media through collections, tags and custom fields. Easily download and share your media.

The workflow

Our browser-based media management software requires no software to be installed, users simply login and search for content, then get on with doing what they do best. With flexible user management you can decide who can upload media, edit metadata, download and create comments — while protecting against unauthorised access.


Ingest your media from anywhere.

Ingest all types and formats of digital media from anywhere. Our HTML5 based upload widget requires no installation and supports chunking for uploading very large files. Your media is transcoded immediately by our built-in transcoder which supports a wide range of professional formats and metadata extraction.

  • HTML5 based uploader
  • Automatic transcoding
  • Metadata extraction


Powerful searches and easy tagging

During ingest, Flow detects all various properties in your media, which are available as tags and filters in the library. So you can search for clips with a specific frame rate, a certain video format, a specific duration, etc.

  • Powerful search
  • Tagging and logging


Share your work and get feedback from any location, 24/7

Quickly share your media with your client, ask for feedback while keeping in control. Enable external download and upload via simple share links.

  • Share links
  • Upload box
  • Time-stamped comments

Limecraft is a one-stop shop. It's an online catalogue, and enables us to efficiently share fragments with our customers, ask for comments or approval, and it creates the subtitles.


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