The Content Supply Chain

The content delivery process is complex, fractured, and requires manual intervention - it’s no wonder things can and do go wrong!

Are you still moving content around using FTP or shipping physical drives? There is a better way.


From onboarding new suppliers and managing collaboration to agreeing on formats, metadata, quality control and version/edits, the content delivery process has many stress points and often involves lots of ad hoc emails, phone calls and frustrating rework.

Infographic illustrating the problems inherent in the traditional content supply chain, most notably the onboarding of new suppliers, the distributed management of metadata, version management, and quality control.


We are Limecraft, and we have created a better solution. The Delivery Workspace (launched at IBC 2023) is a robust, secure and structured solution for your content delivery and stakeholder relationship management.


We’ve written a whitepaper that explains how you can overcome the challenges related to content delivery. It examines the delivery landscape, looks at each element of the content supply chain and how the Delivery Workspace improves it in practice, and provides a business case highlighting the benefits this innovative new solution provides. If you would like to receive a copy, please leave your contact details below and we’ll send it on to you.


Alternatively, if you would like to schedule a demo of the Delivery Workspace, please click here.




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