23.1 Release Notes

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Self-Service Onboarding launched at SATIS 2022

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22.3 Product Update

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21.4 Product Update

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Limecraft exhibiting at NAB 2023

NAB 2023

What is there to explore? At the NAB show, people from all around the world gather to talk about new and emerging technologies from the industry. Not only NAB is the prime event to explore new innovations, it is also an opportunity to connect and have a conversation with like-minded people. During the event, our…

Limecraft at Series Mania Forum

Series Mania Forum 2023

Looking Back: Limecraft’s Attendance at Series Mania Forum 2023 From 21 to 23 March 2023, Limecraft attended the prestigious Series Mania Forum in Lille, France. The Séries Mania Forum is a three-day event that brings together industry professionals from around the world to network, pitch projects, and discuss the latest trends and challenges facing the…

Screenshot of the Limecraft Panel in Adobe Premiere, making AI transcription and subtitling accessible to short form video creators without them having to leave their comfort zone

23.1 Release Notes

In the first of eight releases scheduled in 2023, we included several important improvements and additional integration points that will make it easier than ever for video teams to collaborate. Featuring improved sharing capabilities, storage options for the Pro and Team subscriptions, an Adobe Panel, and more.

Flexible Media Cloud Storage in Limecraft

Adding Media Cloud Storage to your Workspace

We are excited to announce new add-on storage options to the Pro and Team Subscriptions. Cloud-based media storage is a perfect complement to your the hybrid storage architecture, and it allows you to further balance cost and performance.

Limecraft launches the Workspace for Video Teams at IBC 2022

Looking back at 2022 and Sneak Preview

Each year, we take a moment to run through the highlights. In this blog, our CEO, Maarten Verwaest, looks back on what 2022 has meant to Limecraft, our partners and customers, thereby sharing a sneak peek at what will be an exciting future for all.

Stadiem logo

AI Subtitling for Short-Form Video via an Adobe Panel

Capitalising on its preferred role as a digital innovator, VRT effectively implemented an online first strategy. More content has to go out faster and has to reach a wider audience. Improving accessibility by creating subtitles for every asset is the cornerstone. To lower the cost and turnaround time of creating subtitles, VRT and Limecraft joined…

Overschoulder picture of Hotel Hungaria using Limecraft for the prestigious documentary series 'Our Nature'

Self-Service Onboarding launched at SATIS 2022

At Satis 2022, Limecraft announced the next version of its online platform, including self-service onboarding and account management, to become the premier workspace for small and medium-sized production companies. Without vendor lock-in, easily accessible through no-code workflows, giving them an unprecedented level of collaboration.

Limecraft talks about AI transcription at the Translating Europe Forum

Using AI in AVT – What works and what doesn’t

Many use cases of AI in media and entertainment are promising, and especially language professionals have successfully implemented a number of value-added applications. Whether or applications become successful, depends on many factors.  In this presentation we explore what works, what doesn’t quite work yet, and what areas are unlikely to be solved by technology on its own.

Using Limecraft Flow, you you have access to a range or AI transcription services

Getting started with AI transcription

AI transcription is a method of automatically turning spoken words into timed text using artificial intelligence that has been trained to do so. In this blog, we explain the main differences between conventional and AI transcription, why it is important to optimise for high-quality results, the most important use cases, and how to successfully deploy AI transcription as part of your workspace.

Screenshot showing a script in Final Draft, which is the metadata foundation for scripted content

Tools for your Next Generation Production Pipeline

At this year’s Media Tech Hub Conference, Limecraft took the stage for a joint presentation with Final Draft, Yamdu, and Lockit Network. Together they discussed the value of an integrated production workflow for scripted content. Watch the full presentation here.

Split image showing the effect of a LUT on raw image formats

10 Tips for a more efficient Video Ingest

A good ingest process is the key to efficient post-production. A good ingest process automates repeated manual tasks like audio sync, LUTs, changing file names, and encoding proxies. A good ingest process includes QC and reduces errors to a minimum. A properly set up ingest process reduces the processing time of a shooting day by 50% and, because its automated, the remainder of the time is largely available for creative work.

Limecraft now supports export of video with burned-in or embedded subtitles

3 Reasons to consider Burned-in Subtitles

Limecraft customers appreciate the ability to use AI Subtitling. While the majority of professional subtitlers and translators in audiovisual translation prefer exporting subtitles as a file, there is increasing demand to use video with burned-in subtitles or embedded subtitles as well. Here is why.   These are the 3 main three reasons to consider burned-in…

Limecraft at IBC 2022

‘The Workspace for Video Teams’ launched at IBC 2022

Known for its leadership in AI-powered shot listing, transcription and subtitling, Limecraft introduces the next-generation, cloud-native Workspace for Video Teams at this year’s IBC.  IBC visitors will experience a live demonstration of the most versatile and intuitive video workspace platform currently available. Limecraft allows production teams of all sizes to embark on seamless, 100% digital collaboration – from the first rushes to managing thousands of masters.

Why you should consider Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect your Intellectual Property

Why you should consider Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect your Intellectual Property

How can you be sure someone is who he claims to be? By asking for proof. Six good reasons why you should use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect your Intellectual Property.

New partners Limecraft

Limecraft announces new Partnerships

Limecraft announces new partnerships with qibb, Archiware & Mayam Limecraft strives to satisfy its customers and to provide the best possible service for each use cases. Therefore Limecraft expands the functionality of your workspace by integrating 3rd party services. These partnerships will help you to enhance and extend your production workflow. Find out below what…

Limecraft interview Cybernews

How to successfully deploy AI for Media – in conversation with Cybernews

Maarten Verwaest, Limecraft: “One of the key challenges for a media company is to consistently deliver several versions of the same piece of content” The concept of creative industries was defined as early as the 1990s, but the public perception of this field has definitely changed over time. Today, the development of creative industries and…

Webinar Archiware & Limecraft July 12, 2022

Webinar Cost-effective Ingest and Archive of Camera Cards with Archiware, driven by Limecraft On July 12th we had our partner webinar with Archiware about Cost-effective Ingest and Archive of Camera Cards with Archiware, driven by Limecraft with David Fox (Archiware) and Maarten Verwaest (Limecraft). Long-running scripted serial drama like telenovela or soap opera sets can easily…

Limecraft MPTS 2022

New Version of Limecraft Workspaces aimed at Global Distribution released at #MPTS2022

The latest release of Limecraft’s cloud-based platform caters for global distribution services, including a new transcoding pipeline, extensive support for multi-channel audio, and full control over the subtitles. This release will be disclosed to public at the London Media Production and Technology Show 2022.

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