Collaborative video workflows for every team

Providing video teams with our cloud based video production platform & collaborative tools is an easy-win for production companies searching for more efficient workflows and a better user experience.

Factual production teams

Whether you produce documentaries, human interest or magazine formats, our platform offers demanding productions everything they need. Create efficient collaboration within your production team. Avoid time loss through inefficient communication and speed up production by using speech recognition, automatic translation or subtitling.

Recommended workflows

Media Asset Management Audio Transcription & Shot Lists

Drama production teams

When it comes to serial productions and feature film, dailies management is a true challenge. By using our on-set backup and ingest software sharing synced dailies becomes child's play no matter whether you are shooting on ARRI, RED or whatever you prefer. Our smart Media Sync organises your clips according to the screenplay. All done in a bullet-proof cloud-environment to protect your work.

Recommended workflows

Scripted Content Subtitling & Localisation

Creative video teams

Creative video teams - whether large or small - need powerful video production tools. Be it branded or factual production, one thing is certain, simple and effective video workflows help them to be creative and deliver high quality content efficiently and from anywhere.

Recommended workflows

Media Asset Management Subtitling & Localisation

Post production teams

Post production departments play a crucial role in setting up the right workflows for production houses and their creative teams. As experts in this field, they have the choice of the right technology in their hands and benefit from choosing efficient and intuitive system that ensures a fluent flow of media files and makes collaboration straightforward.

Recommended workflows

Media Asset Management Documentary & Unscripted Entertainment