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Streamlined & collaborative video production workflows, leveraging the power of the cloud. Let Artificial Intelligence automate the heavy lifting so you can focus on creative storytelling.

Limecraft Flow Limecraft Edge

Limecraft Flow

Cloud-based media asset management solution at the core of your production workflow. Connects to local storage. A powerful search engine lets you efficiently retrieve the right fragments. Easily share media and allow secure download. Automated transcription and captioning help you saving time.

Limecraft Edge

The most versatile video ingest software available on the market. Used by DITs and edit assistants to manage backups and ingest workflows. Stores raw materials on local storage or 3rd party storage, while uploading high-quality proxies to Limecraft Flow. Available on Windows and Mac.


The APIs which allows our partners to build custom workflows are the same APIs we use ourselves to build our apps. They work as you expect and you can make updates and adjustments as appropriate.


Our extensive REST API opens up the entire media backbone for accessing and modifying by any third-party module. This includes accessing all information about productions, media, metadata and users.


We understand that different customers have different needs in terms of functionality and configuration. Our configurable system allows for adjustments when needed.