Subtitling & Localisation

ITV is the second largest broadcaster in the UK. With an exponential rise in the demand for quality subtitling, they turned to Limecraft’s to streamline its subtitling processes to increase operational efficiency.

Customer case

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Automated Subtitling uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn audio into high quality subtitles. It saves you the time and cost of conventional subtitling, and you retain the intellectual property rights.


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Workflow Components

AI automated subtitling and localisation are part of Limecraft Flow.

Limecraft Flow

Limecraft Flow uses a combination of speech-to-text (STT), machine translation (MT) and a dedicated service to automate the spotting. It allows you to create same-language and translated subtitles at a fraction of the cost.

The workflow

Subtitling and localisation services run in the cloud. Just log in and upload your content, subtitles are available for review in seconds.
Upload content in Limecraft Flow directly by drag and drop in the browser


Upload your material

Upload one or more files using drag-and-drop. If you have any existing transcripts or subtitle files available, you can attach these to the item, which saves the initial transcription.

Using Limecraft Flow, you you have access to a range or AI transcription services


Speech-to-Text Transcription

Using Flow, you have access to several built-in speech to text services that automatically transcribe audio with over 95% accuracy. We display the result in an editable form, which allows you to review the automatically generated transcription before using it. When using our complementary translation services, we retrofit the time codes in the translated transcript.

Depending on the quality of the audio, Limecraft's automated subtitling services save up to 80% of the time.

Limecraft Flow turns audio into well formed captions or subtitles



After importing a transcript or using speech-to-text transcription, Limecraft takes care of the spotting. We take into account the rhythm of the edit, desired reading speed, pauses in the audio, etc. By using Natural Language Processing (NLP), subtitles are optimised for maximum readability. When finished, you can use our editor to further optimise the timing and the content.

Screenshot of Limecraft Flow used for localisation of content by adding translated subtitles



Starting from a given subtitle template, you can now add more languages in the blink of an eye. To do so, we will use the subtitle template and construct a temporary script for translation purposes only. The result of the translation is redistributed in the original timing template while choosing the most logical places to use line breaks.

Limecraft Flow seamlessly integrates 3rd party applications like facebook, adobe premiere, youtube, vimeo, and Avid Media Composer



When finished, you can export your subtitles in a wide range of available formats. Now also including the option to export video with burned-in Subtitles.

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