Scripted Content

De Mensen, one of the largest independent producers in Belgium, creates scripted and unscripted entertainment including international hits like Beau Séjour and Undercover. For the production of the telenovela ‘Lisa’, they set up a new cloud-based workspace optimised to more easily handle large volumes of content and to improve collaboration. Using cold storage managed by Archiware and Limecraft on top, allowed them to create significant saving and achieve the optimal balance between cost and performance.

Customer case

customer case De Mensen - Lisa

Rushes management redefined. This workflow gets the most out of a production day from set to edit.


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Workflow Components

In our scripted TV & feature film workflow, we use the following integrated applications.


Use Edge to backup, sync, transcode and upload your rushes, no matter whether you are shooting on ARRI, Red, Canon, Sony, or whatever you prefer.


Flow is our browser-based dailies management software which organises your clips according to the screenplay. Control who can view or download dailies.

The workflow

Backup, sync, transcode and upload your clips, no matter whether you are shooting on ARRI, Red, Canon, Sony, or whatever you prefer. Prepare for the edit by using our smart sync and metadata processing which organises your clips according to the screenplay. Simply screen or comment per clip and export your feedback to the edit suite of your choice whether it is Avid or Adobe.


Secure your media

When offloading clips from a card or disc, checksum-verified backups of source media are immediately performed and prepared with all necessary metadata to organise the footage. Secure your media with multi-destinations file copies — in parallel or cascaded — and track your media upstream via our fingerprint tracking technology.

  • Multi destination file copy
  • Checksum verified copy
  • Cascading copy
  • Custom folder structures
  • Detection of file sequences
  • Fingerprint tracking
Upload clips into Limecraft Flow by drag and drop directly in the browser


Sync and ingest rushes

Limecraft keeps raw material local, while uploading only high-quality proxy versions to the Flow platform. It performs timecode-based sync between video rushes and separately recorded audio. The descriptions, ratings and tags added in Edge are transferred with your material.

  • Timecode-based Media Sync
  • Look processing
  • Basic burn-in options
  • Multi format transcoding

Limecraft has simplified every aspect of our workflow and collaboration between filming and editing, leaving us with 25% more time to focus on making the best possible drama productions.

De Mensen

Commenting feature in Limecraft Flow


Review your dailies 
from any location, 24/7

When uploaded to our online Flow platform your material is organised according to the screenplay. Your dailies are easily and securely shared, enabling the team to review the material from any location.

  • Secure sharing
  • Frees dedicated edit rooms
  • Screenplay based organisation
Using Limecraft Flow, you can export collections or shot lists directly onto the timeline of Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer


Kickstart your edit 
with a screenplay based 
timeline export

Limecraft Flow assists during offline edit and synchronizes cut lists back-and-forth from editing systems. Use our screenplay based timeline export and you get all the right files with audiosync, scene, shot and take information directly on your preferred edit software timeline.

  • Screenplay based timeline export
  • Supports Avid MC & Adobe Premiere