Content Delivery

DPG Media is the largest commercial broadcaster in BeNeLux. They implemented a ‘Delivery Workspace’ in response to the challenges of managing an increasing number of content sources and providers. This has streamlined their delivery process, maintained data quality and enabled content verification at the source, bringing about impressive efficiency gains as a result.
Content Delivery at DPG MediaThe white paper

The Delivery Workspace simplifies the media supply chain. A distributed repository of media assets, shared by producers and broadcasters, ensures secure and timely delivery of programme material, metadata, and collateral media.


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Limecraft seamlessly connects the Media Asset Management (MAM) systems of the producer and the distributor, centralising content and metadata. This, in turn, enables a more structured, secure and efficient supply chain.

Traffic Management

Delivery workspaces are created via a delivery request issued by an ERP or traffic management system.

Delivery workspace

A real-time dashboard shared by all stakeholders keeps them updated about planned, ongoing and approved submissions and approval.


All relevant stakeholders are kept updated on progress throughout the process.

The Workspace

As content flows directly from the producer to the broadcaster, the Delivery Workspace sits on top, ensuring that the correct metadata is exchanged, that content elements are verified at the source, and that all relevant parties are updated in real-time. This more robust solution for content delivery dramatically reduces the need for manual intervention and rework, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency.
The content delivery process begins with the creation of a delivery request.


Create a Delivery Request

Either the producer or the broadcaster starts the process by creating a delivery request. A delivery workspace is bootstrapped in seconds based on a template that includes the full Bill of Material and metadata specification.

Upload content in Limecraft Flow directly by drag and drop in the browser



Producers can submit content, metadata, subtitle files, press kits and ancillary media. Upon submission, content and metadata are verified at the source by Limecraft prior to notifying the content manager on the receiving end.

Content is submitted for approval or rejection, and explanatory notes can be provided.


Verification and Approval

Upon successful submission, the content manager on the receiving end is notified. They can approve or reject the submitted content elements. Explanatory notes can be exchanged.

Limecraft Flow seamlessly integrates 3rd party applications like facebook, adobe premiere, youtube, vimeo, and Avid Media Composer



Upon verification and approval, content elements are forwarded to the final location, their availability is acknowledged in the traffic management system, and all stakeholders are notified of the successful delivery.

  • Dispatch to MAM system
  • Confirm in Mediagenix
  • Stakeholders are notified
Stakeholders are notified that content is awaiting verification, and this can then be approved or rejected.



All of the relevant stakeholders are notified of successful delivery, by email, slack or teams, or otherwise