Unscripted TV & Entertainment

Customer case

Remote and collaborative video production streamlined. The ideal workflow for magazine, documentary or human interest productions.

Workflow Components

In our unscripted TV & entertainment workflow, we use the following integrated applications.


Use Edge to backup, sync, transcode and upload your rushes, no matter whether you are shooting on ARRI, Red, Canon, Sony, or whatever you prefer.


Flow is our browser-based media management software that handles encoding and playback. Manage your media through collections, tags and custom fields. Easily download and share your media.

The workflow

Backup, sync, transcode and upload your clips, no matter whether you are shooting on ARRI, Red, Canon, Sony, or whatever you prefer. Upload your footage from anywhere. Prepare for the edit by using our speech-to-text transcription to select the finest quotes. Simply screen or comment per clip and export your feedback to the edit suite of your choice whether it is Avid or Adobe.


Secure your media

When offloading clips from a card or disc, checksum-verified backups of source media are immediately performed and prepared with all necessary metadata to organise the footage. Secure your media with multi-destinations file copies — in parallel or cascaded — and track your media upstream via our fingerprint tracking technology.

  • Multi destination file copy
  • Checksum verified copy
  • Cascading copy
  • Custom folder structures
  • Detection of file sequences
  • Fingerprint tracking


Ingest your media

Limecraft keeps raw material local, while uploading only high-quality proxy versions to the Flow platform. It performs timecode-based sync between video rushes and separately recorded audio. The descriptions, ratings and tags added in Edge are transferred with your material.

  • Multi format transcoding
  • Basic burn-in options
  • Look processing
  • Timecode-based Media Sync


Unleash the potential of your team

Invite your co-workers to the central media production hub without losing control. Reduce feedback cycles and make it simple for your team to work together. Use time-stamped comments with threaded replies to communicate over your media.

  • Hashtags for easy tagging
  • Flexible user management
  • Threaded conversations

Limecraft offers the platform that enables creative and technical people to make the best product.



Automatic and manual transcription

In Flow you can use the built-in speech to text technology to automatically transcribe your content with over 95% accuracy. You’ll always have acces to correct the transcription online. Every single word in your transcript is linked to a position in your video which enables you to highlight time-coded quotes or selections and export these to your edit suite of choice.

  • Speech-to-text transcription
  • 20+ supported languages
  • Translation (coming soon)


Rough-cuts made easy

Annotate your media with notes for the editor or director to consult during editing or create a rough-cut assembly and send your assembly to Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro as an enriched sequence for immediate editing.

  • Intuitive logging
  • Rough-cut assembly
  • Supports Avid MC & Adobe Premiere


Review semi-finished work 
from any location, 24/7

Quickly share your semi-finished work with your client and get feedback and approvals from your customer with time-stamped comments and threaded replies.

  • Secure sharing
  • Frees dedicated edit rooms
  • Time-stamped comments

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