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Save hours of manual work using automatic audio transcription. Limecraft speech-to-text services are optimised for the highest possible accuracy.



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Workflow Components

Limecraft Flow allows you to create accurate audio transcription without the burden of post-editing the transcript.

Limecraft Flow

Limecraft Flow handles all possible file formats. It allows you to create and share shot lists, to easily download your media, or send them directly to the edit suite.

Audio Transcription Services

Using different Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines, we ensure the best possible result in the shortest possible timeframe.

How It Works


Upload your content

Upload one or more audio or video files using drag-and-drop. If you have any existing transcripts, you can send them across for alignment.

  • Drag and Drop your Media
  • Any File Format
  • Add Existing Transcript



Limecraft Flow uses different speech-to-text engines, allowing you to balance speed and accuracy in any language. Transcription includes speaker segmentation and accurate punctuation. To achieve the best result, add a list of words that have to be recognised by preference.

  • Faster than real-time
  • Lowest Word Error Rate (WER)
  • Custom Dictionaries



Limecraft Flow displays the result of the automatic process in an editable form, allowing you to review the transcript, to remove or correct words, and adjust punctuation and timing before publishing it or using it for creating subtitles.

  • Manual editing of the transcript
  • Edit Speaker Labels
  • Highlight confidence Scores


Shot Lists or Sync Pulls

You can now use the transcript to create subclips and shot lists or sync pulls. Subclips or shots can be added to a collection, so they can be shared for review or transferred to the edit for post-production.

  • Create annotated subclips
  • Share shot lists
  • Transfer shot lists to Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer



When finished, you can export your transcript in a wide range of available formats.

  • Word or PDF
  • CSV
  • SRT or STL

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