Carrick Skills

Use Carrick-Flow as an extension to your Limecraft workspace to access third party services and boost storage management possibilities. Jumpstart new operating environments using workflow templates. Operators use the Limecraft workflow overview to command and control new workflow instances executed by Carrick-Skills.

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Carrick Skills

Carrick Skills x Limecraft

Carrick-Flow is an end to end solution to run file-based workflows. Customers to save time by automating the processing steps of their audiovisual content: tools interact better, resource stay focus on priorities, systems scale on cloud or external infrastructure either automatically or when deadlines get too close, and users can easily monitor the workflows and interact with them.

Customers always keep an eye on ongoing workflows, human tasks and infrastructure with the mobile app.

Use cases include:

Storage logic

Allow complex archive routing including LTO, cloud & local storage technologies


Include Vantage, Nugen, Ateme or FFMPEG within your workflows to assemble, cut and encode content

File Transfer

Transmit data to customers & partners with your chosen tools (Aspera Faspex, Aspera PTP, Filemail, Box, FTP, …)

Human tasks

Allow your teams to interact with workflows for steps that cannot be automated