Ooona Limecraft Integration

Ooona tools is arguably the best browser-based subtitle editor. Limecraft offers the smartest AI to automatically create a first draft.

To achieve maximum productivity, use Ooona to access and post-edit the results delivered by Limecraft. Seamlessly integrated and secure: single sign-on, no files to be transferred, no copy and paste.

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Using Ooona tools, you can start Limecraft workflows without logging into Limecraft and without having to copy and paste the results

Our use cases include:

Single Sign On

As an expert subtitler using Ooona tools, you can now access Limecraft services without having to log into Limecraft, without sending data from Ooona to Limecraft, and without having to copy and paste data from Limecraft to Ooona. Just select Limecraft as the AI engine of choice.


Upon successful transcription, Ooona automatically retrieves and displays the results. As the expert in the loop, you can use Ooona to fine-tune and perfect the results.

Automated Creation of Subtitles

Upon successful connection, Ooona sends audio to Limecraft. Limecrafts' award-winning AI services automatically transcribes the audio into timed text, and segment the transcript into subtitles according to a pre-configurable set of styling and timing rules. This process is executed twice as fast as in real-time.

More in-depth information about our partnership

The combination of Ooona and Limecraft gives you maximum productivity, no software development required

As a language professional, you need AI to do the grunt work so you can focus on creative work. But you should not have to worry about the technical integration of individual applications. OOONA and Limecraft have provided a bullet-proof integration in terms of security, performance and level of service in general. By taking care of technical complexity, we free up valuable time for more resourceful work.
our users to concentrate on more creative tasks.