Speechmatics' Automatic Speech Recognition

Limecraft offers a range of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) services including Speechmatics.

Speechmatics supports all common languages, and offers the highest possible accuracy in terms of Word Error Rate (WER), speaker segmentation, capitalisation, and interpunction. Speechmatics is natively embedded in Limecraft, giving you access to AI transcripts in seconds without any file transfers, or having to copy or paste data.

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An SVT team member using the Limecraft plugin to create subtitles within the native production environment.

Use Cases

Search and Retrieval

As a result of AI transcription, each word in the dialogue has an accurate time stamp. When searching for a particular word in the transcript, Limecraft will point you to the precise soundbyte where that word is used, so you don't have to listen to the entire audio track.

Text-based Editing ("Sync pulls")

Upon transcription, Limecraft displays the result of the AI transcription process in an interface that allows you to post-edit the results and to mark up quotes or soundbytes as a subclip. These subclips can be assembled as a shot list (referred to as creating sync pulls), that can be exported as an edit project.

Intralingual Subtitling

The AI transcripts delivered by Speechmatics are very accurate and can be used for same-language subtitling. Limecraft's spotting algorithm is used to modify the text where needed, and to segment the transcript into broadcast-grade subtitles using a set of pre-configured spotting rules.


The combination of Limecraft and Speechmatics allows you to translate transcripts in seconds without having to copy or paste any data. These translated transcripts can be used to produce translated subtitles, helping make your content available to the widest possible audience.

Timing of Existing Transcripts

If you have a transcript in the form of a document, you can pass it on as input for the transcription process. The speech-to-text engine will take the words, and match the timecodes and speaker changes extracted from the audio. As a result, you will get a time-coded transcription which you can then use for translation, subtitling or text-based editing.

Versioning of Subtitles

If you have any media with existing subtitles or a subtitle template, you can use Limecraft to execute the versioning processes. Versioning may include retrofitting the speaker changes, modifying the language specific, translation to other languages or language flavours, etc.

What's in for you

The audio transcription application in Limecraft allows you to translate transcripts

Embedded Saves Time

Limecraft seamlessly embeds Speechmatics AI transcription. This avoids you to manually extract the audio from the file, set up the file transfer, and copy and paste the results. Limecraft allows you to process several clips at the same time, allowing you to process large collections of content in seconds.

Manage Security and Control the Workflow

Limecraft allows you to manage large volumes of content by setting up collections within a single workspace. Collections can be used to manage access control, or to dispatch specific contents to specific team members to control the workflow.

One-click Integration with Avid MediaCentral and Adobe Premiere

Limecraft can be plugged in as a panel in Adobe Premiere or Avid MediaCentral, whereby the panel acts as a remote control of what happens on Limecraft. Launch transcription and subtitling processes in the background and retrieve the results in seconds, without having to leave the Avid or Adobe environment. Alternatively, Limecraft supports Avid ScriptSync to export transcripts into Avid Media Composer.

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