Delivery Workspace, Adobe panel, Release Notes

23.5 Release Notes – Featuring Delivery Workspace, Adobe Panel, Avid Integration & More

Stuart Russell
August 28, 2023

With IBC 2023 just around the corner, Limecraft is excited to announce the fifth major release of 2023. This release includes delivery logic to manage the complex interaction between producers and broadcasters, the production release of the panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, improved interaction with Avid Central UX, enhanced AI, and a range of new file formats.

Below is an overview of the most visible changes. We love to hear how Limecraft helps you in your day-to-day work, and we also want to better understand how we can improve our product – feel free to get in touch with your comments and suggestions!

The Delivery Workspace – Private Beta

Whereas producers used to create a programme for a single broadcaster, they now create output for tens if not hundreds of distribution channels. In the other direction, broadcasters now receive material from one hundred or more sources. Everyone is facing massive challenges in terms of file format conversion, quality control, the ability to manage a distributed ledger of metadata, versioning and more. Producers and broadcasters both have a common interest in standardising and structuring the delivery process to ensure quality, timely delivery, and to avoid rework. Both would therefore benefit from a content fabric that operates the business logic on behalf of them, based on pre-defined templates.

Limecraft Delivery Workspace for content supply chain management, is a real-time dashboard available to all stakeholders in the content delivery process

As part of this 23.5 IBC release, we are shipping a complete Delivery Workspace as part of the Limecraft platform. The Delivery Workspace orchestrates the complex interaction between producers, broadcasters, and any 3rd party service providers that may interact. It handles masters, metadata, as well as posters, trailers or any other ancillary files, thus making sure all involved parties are on the same page.

💡 More info about the Delivery Processes and Delivery Workspaces on the Knowledge Base

The Delivery Workspace is available for production deployments and require proper customisation to be accessible. If you are interested to know more, please get in touch.

Limecraft Panel for Adobe – Create Subtitles like a Pro

After releasing the panel for Adobe Premiere Pro in private beta as part of the 23.1 release, the panel is now available as part of the production release. The Limecraft panel for Adobe uses Limecraft advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and subtitling logic to create broadcast-grade subtitles for video clips in seconds. Configurable spotting rules allow you to impose your brand-specific styling and timing rules.

💡 More info about the panel:

💡 The Limecraft panel for Adobe Premiere Pro can be downloaded from the Adobe Exchange.


Enhanced AI

Limecraft has a strong reputation for creating AI applications for media production. Initially developed as part of the MeMAD project (2018-2021), we offer a wide range of image recognition and AI transcription solutions. Depending on the specific case (e.g. news, wildlife, sports), you can now set up a ‘composite AI’ pipeline whereby all extracted data is cleaned, normalised and reconciled on a single timeline. This allows you to retrieve the right content fragments in the shortest possible timeframe.

With this new 23.5 release, you can now manage the list of recognisable items on a production by production basis. By carefully managing your ‘visual vocabulary’, you will notice that image recognition will demonstrate laser-precision, reducing the number of false positives and consequently improving search efficiency.

💡 More on AI transcription:


Improved Avid Integration

Following its initial release in 23.1 earlier this year, we have now extended the roundtrip integration with Avid. Avid users can instruct the execution of workflows in Limecraft without leaving the Central UX workspace.

Sequences or master clips can be transferred to Limecraft with a single click for processing via Woody Technologies. Woody sends all media and the relevant metadata to Limecraft via the API. Upon successful processing, Limecraft returns the results to the Avid workspace via Cloud Connector, a local agent that securely exchanges data back and forth with Limecraft running in the cloud.

Screenshot showing the integration between Avid and Limecraft, whereby Avid users can instruct AI transcription in LImecraft without leaving the Avid environment.

Setting up integrated workflows between locally running Avid services and cloud-based services provided by Limecraft involves specific engineering work and is not turn-key available. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more info.


New File Formats

The latest 23.5 release includes support for Full RED magazine, and spanned clips ingest is supported through Edge for older versions of R3D files. Ingest is no longer supported on Limecraft Flow. Full support for recent R3D clips and magazines with GPU acceleration is available as of release 2023.2. Also, XAVC and AVC Intra 50/100 transcoding output from all listed input sources is now supported.

The full list of supported file formats is available on the knowledge base.


We Value Your Feedback

As always, we love to hear from you and we hope you will continue sharing valuable feedback. Let us know what you think, so we can keep making Limecraft a better, more flexible and more integrated workspace.