Limecraft allows you to process large quantities of original footage. It helps you creating and ingesting dailies. While original high resolution media files are stored on near-line or offline storage, proxies remain linked to original footage at all times. Archiware’s P5 data management software offers protection, replication, backup and archive of production storage. P5 Backup ensures that large data sets are backed up in the shortest time possible. P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution for data migration. P5 Synchronise replicates data to ensure maximum data availability.

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Use Cases


Within a single production or workspace, you can archive specific collections and restore from archive, thereby optimising the capacity of your production storage.


Use Archiware P5 as a backup instrument, to ensure business continuity in case of loss of material due to force majeur, a major human error causing accidental deletion, a malware attack, or otherwise.

What's in for you

Use cold storage to offload high-performance online storage without compromising on accessibility

A Limecraft Production Workspace supports creation and ingest of dailies, logging, and transfers back and forth post-production. Proxies remain connected to original footage at all times. High-profile documentary or drama production can produce several TBs per day. Using Archiware P5 Archive as part of your workspace, you get seamless access to cold storage on LTO tape. It allows you to offload online storage, and to make significant savings on storage costs.

Limecraft creates a folder structure similar to the hierarchy of the workspaces and collections, ensuring readability of the folder structure.

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To support their ambitious feature film and docuseries Onze Natuur ('Our Nature'), Hotel Hungaria optimised their workspace for larger picture sizes and larger volumes. Using a combination of Archiware and Limecraft as the main user interface, they created a cost-effective architecture without compromising on quality.

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De Mensen – Lisa

For the production of the telenovela ‘Lisa’, they set up a new cloud-based workspace optimised to more easily handle large volumes of content and to improve collaboration. Using cold storage managed by Archiware and Limecraft on top, allowed them to create significant saving and achieve the optimal balance between cost and performance.

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