Content Delivery at DPG Media

Stuart Russell
December 11, 2023

DPG Media is a leading European media group with TV, radio and print interests in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. With an increasing number of content producers to manage and an ever-growing portfolio of content and collateral media to oversee, DPG turned to Limecraft to jointly develop a new solution that brings greater structure, security and efficiency to the content delivery process.

DPG Media, where Limecraft is responsible for managing the supply chain and a Content Portal replaces traditional ftp and informal processes.
Key takeaways

  • DPG and Limecraft jointly developed a new Delivery Workspace solution that dramatically improves the content delivery process.
  • This new framework brings together all stakeholders and ensures that producers can securely submit content, metadata, subtitle files, press kits and ancillary media.
  • Content and metadata are verified at the source by Limecraft, and the content manager at the receiving end is notified.
  • Content elements can then be approved or rejected, and explanatory notes provided.
  • Upon verification and approval, content elements are forwarded to the final location and the delivery is confirmed.

DPG at a glance

  • One of Europe’s most dynamic and fastest-growing media groups.
  • Nearly 6000 employees across BE, NE and DK
  • >12 radio and TV stations, >25 online media services, >60 newspapers and magazines
  • 1400 episodes of TV content plus ancillary media received in 2023 from 60 separate content providers.

The challenge

Following the pandemic, DPG conducted a wide-ranging review of its business operations, and the content delivery process was highlighted as one area that could be improved. “We managed the complexities of the pandemic reasonably well”, notes Eric Michiels, Programme Manager at DPG Media, “but we used that experience as an opportunity to take a closer look at various areas of our operations, and we could clearly see the problems inherent in the content delivery process”.

With DPG managing an increasing number of content producers and overseeing an ever-growing portfolio of content and collateral media, it was clear that a better framework was needed – one that would remove the phone calls, emails and manual work that have been the hallmark of the process traditionally. “In 2023 we’ve been working with 60 different content producers on 1400 individual episodes”, comments Wim Van de Voorde, Executive Producer with DPG. “In addition, we require series and episode trailers, social media assets, still images, material for electronic press kits and metadata; getting everything we need at the right time, in the right formats, to the right quality standards has often been a big logistical headache, and one that has only got worse as we have grown”.

The solution

Towards the end of 2022 DPG approached Limecraft to discuss how this problem could be resolved. Co-incidentally, this was also an area that Limecraft had identified as needing improvement. DPG proposed a draft blueprint for a solution, and both companies spent the next few weeks collaborating on a specification which was finally agreed in March 2023. “DPG were obviously very motivated to solve this problem and we could see a wider industry need for a more structured solution, so it was exciting to bring this to life,” notes Limecraft Co-founder Maarten Verwaest. “Having worked with both broadcasters and production houses (such as Warner Bros and Hotel Hungaria) for many years, we could also ensure that everyone at both ‘ends’ of the delivery process would have their needs met”.

Limecraft set an ambitious target to provide the new Delivery Workspace to DPG Media by the end of September 2023, as well as offering visitors to IBC 2023 a working technology demonstration. “In March (upon agreement of the specification) we told DPG Media they could expect delivery of the final version by 26th September”, comments Verwaest. “We were right on time and hit the date perfectly. The development process was highly iterative – every time we made updates we’d send them over to DPG Media’s test environment and they were very quick to try them out and give us feedback. Development like that is very efficient, but it’s only possible when you have an excellent partner working alongside you, so this was very much of a joint effort. As a result, we’re confident we have created a highly robust and secure solution that gives everyone involved in content delivery the structure and information they need, alleviating the need for manual intervention and ad hoc communication”.

Over-the-shoulder picture of a DPG staff member using Limecraft to manage the content delivery process

The result

With DPG now rolling out the Delivery Workspace solution across its content suppliers, 2024 will see a big ramp up in its use. “This solution really is a first – there’s nothing else like it available – and it’s very pleasing to be establishing a new industry standard” notes Van der Voorde. “It’s going to make a big difference to DPG in terms of the efficiency of our operations, and to production houses in terms of their ability to deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right way”. Eric Michiels agrees. “We’re delighted to have worked so closely with Limecraft on this project which is strategically very important to DPG and will help support our future growth plans”.