Delivery Workspace, AI transcription, Release Notes

23.8 Release including Avid ScriptSync, Image Formats, Improved Delivery

Stuart Russell
December 11, 2023

Ghent, Belgium, 11th December 2023 – Limecraft is pleased to announce the latest release of our platform, the eighth and final update of the year, which goes live tomorrow, Tuesday 12th December. Version 2023.8 includes a variety of new features and enhancements to existing functionality, and the key updates are summarised below.

Transcript Export to Avid Media Composer ScriptSync
This new release unlocks the ability to export transcript results for one or more clips in a text format compatible with Avid Media Composer’s ScriptSync, allowing journalists and documentary makers to use text-based editing. This is a feature that many of our customers have been asking us for and we are now delighted to introduce it.

Screenshot showing how to export transcript results for one or more clips from Limecraft in a text format compatible with Avid Media Composer’s ScriptSync

Extended Image Support
We are constantly working to ensure that we support as wide a range of formats as possible, and 2023.8 sees the introduction of support for various still camera RAW formats including Sony ARW, Canon CR2, Nikon NEF and Adobe DNG image file formats. In addition, more common web formats and images produced by various smartphones including HEIF (HEIC), AVIF, WebP and JPEG XL can now also be processed by Limecraft Flow. Finally, EXIF metadata is now also extracted for a variety of image formats for use in custom workflows.

More info: a complete list of supported file formats on the knowledge base

New Languages for Speech-to-Text
We’re very pleased to introduce Speech-to-Text support for the following languages:

  • Persian
  • Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) *
  • Southern Sotho (South Africa) *
  • Swati (Latin, South Africa) *
  • Tsonga (South Africa) *
  • Tswana (Latin, South Africa) *
  • Venda (South Africa) *
  • Xhosa (South Africa) *

*Upon specific activation

Improvements to Delivery Requests
This release also sees us introduce some improvements to the processing workflow for Delivery Requests.

  • Allows multiple submissions for a specific Delivery Request as an alternative to requiring such submission to be processed to completion (accepted or rejected status) before any further updates for the request can be submitted.
  • Enables locking of a specific Delivery Request, so no further updates for the request can be submitted.
  • Enables archiving of a specific Delivery Request, so the request is removed from any active overview.

Additional Enhancements
In addition to the above, we’ve also introduced the following enhancements:

  • Improvements to the performance of the Library
  • Consistent hiding of inactive and/or restricted accounts
  • Automatic disabling of the obsolete ‘Story Builder’ and ‘Screenplay Builder’ functions for any new account.
  • More consistent application of file names for the results of export functions
  • Addition of a shortcut (Shift+C)  for updating clip metadata to facilitate the marking of the ‘circled take’ field
  • More appropriate display of workspace overview on initial (invite pending) or restricted (2FA activated) use
  • More accurate indication of upload speed and remaining time estimate

As always, we welcome your feedback on this release and we hope you enjoy the improvements!