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24.3 Release Enhances Delivery Workspaces and Adds Advanced Subtitle Versioning

Stuart Russell
May 7, 2024

Ghent, Belgium, 7th May 2024 – Limecraft is very pleased to announce the latest release of our platform – 24.3 – which includes enhancements to the content supply chain (‘Delivery Workspace‘) solution – improving the communication flow between content suppliers and recipients – and adds valuable features to the subtitling fabric that will make it easier for subtitle professionals to adapt and modify subtitles for use across other distribution channels. Finally, we are also making a few ‘quality of life’ improvements to the content sharing functionality.

Delivery Workspace

This update brings two valuable enhancements to our recently introduced Delivery Workspace solution.

Firstly, users can now see a new Activity Feed that essentially acts as an audit trail, showing all of the activity around a piece of content. An example is shown below.

Limecraft screenshot of the new Activity Feed audit trail for video content introduced to Limecraft's supply chain solution or Delivery Workspace.

Secondly, we are introducing the ability to add optional comments to all key exchanges (e.g. submit, approve, reject) between content suppliers and recipients, helping to provide additional context.

Subtitling Versioning

Further to customer requests, this update also includes support for an extended list of subtitle formats (including PAC, TTML,…) and provides some powerful new advanced processing options, especially for those active in versioning and localisation.

  • True casing, also called capitalisation recovery or capitalisation correction.
  • Speaker segmentation, thereby adding colour to subtitles for different speakers.
  • Synchronisation, snapping subtitles to shot changes where appropriate.
  • Adjustment of imported subtitles for different frame rates and time code offsets.
  • Removal of blank subtitles, if needed.

All of these functions can be used as options upon import of a Master Subtitle Template, or used as part of the post-editing process after the subtitles have been imported first.

Limecraft screenshot showing advanced subtitle processing options upon import of a subtitle file, including true casing, removal of blank subtitles, retroactive synchronisation with the edit, and frame rate correction.

Improved Content Sharing

The ability to share content within remote teams via secure links allows you to engage with third parties without leaving your trusted workspace. With release 24.3 we are introducing a new list view for shared content, and users can toggle between this and the existing thumbnail view using the top left button on the overview screen. The review status for each shared item can be seen within the list view, and items can be sorted within both the list view and thumbnail view.

When using the player to view shared content, users can now also toggle between several different timecode formats – see the full release notes for more details.

Limecraft screenshot showing the new list view and sorting option for shared content in collaboration mode

💡 To access the full release notes, click here.

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As always, we look forward to receiving any feedback on this update. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.