Release Notes

23.1 Release Notes

Charlotte Coppejans
February 9, 2023

Limecraft had a busy 2022. We consolidate prices and price plans and launched the Workspace for Video Teams at IBC, the world’s first collaborative workspace that integrates video ingest and handling of dailies, logging, online viewing and collaboration, and mastering including subtitling and localisation.

This week, in the first of eight releases scheduled in 2023, we included several important improvements and additional integration points that will make it easier than ever for video teams to collaborate. By improving sharing capabilities, adding storage options for the Pro and Team subscriptions, and releasing the first version of an Adobe Panel, we hope these upgrades will give you an even more enjoyable Limecraft experience. Let Limecraft take care of the grunt work, so you can focus on what matters most: telling a great story. 

The complete release notes are available for download, and below is an overview of the most significant changes. We love to hear how Limecraft helps you in your day-to-day work, and we also want to learn about what we need to do to make sure you can deliver a better product.

Improved sharing Function

We understand that good review and presentation links are critical to getting clients to say “yes.” In the latest release, we have added the ability to create password-protected links. To be able to watch and review the content, the receiver of the shared collection must know the password.

More info on the knowledge base.

Screenshot of Limecraft showing how you can apply a password on a shared collection to protect the content against unauthorised access

Flexible Cloud Storage Add-ons for Pro and Team Plans

Some of the key things that set Limecraft apart are the Pro and Team plan subscriptions, addressing the needs of content agencies and project-based media businesses. These subscription plans offer the same convenience to store, manage, access, and collaborate or share your content in just a few easy clicks, without the need to invest in hard drives and expensive file transfer services.

In this latest release, we have expanded the capabilities of Pro and Teams plans. To support various use cases where they need to process or exchange high-resolution material, we introduced add-on storage blocks.

Storage blocks prepaid add-ons allow Pro and Team subscribers to easily customise their subscriptions by purchasing complementary high-resolution storage to securely share edit proxies or masters, or to use as active storage. The key benefit here is flexibility. As a subscriber, you can easily spin up or wind down storage capacity according to your usage needs each month.

💡More info:

Resynchronising Subtitles that are out of sync

As experienced subtitle professionals know very well, subtitles are often out of sync. Because of timecode issues, because the timeline of the video was offset or changed, or because it are subtitles produced on live content using re-speak.

Screenshot of how to launch a workflow to resynchronise a subtitles that are our of sync

By setting up a chain of commands, made available as a custom workflow (see screenshot above), you can now instruct Limecraft to process an existing set of subtitles. We will strip the timing, resynchronise them following the spoken words, and re-do the queueing.

💡 Resynchronisation of subtitles is not switched on by default, it needs to be switched on by modifying the production settings. Please reach out if you need any help.

An Adobe Panel – Breaking down the Hurdles to Adoption of AI

Short-form video creators are particularly keen on publishing content faster. While it is critical for the accessibility, the reach and the SEO of video to provide ancillary subtitles or captions of sufficient quality, the speed (8 minutes of work per minute of content) and the latency (days) and the cost (€5-10 per minute) of conventional subtitling are prohibitive to deploy subtitles on the widest possible scale.

During the last couple of years, Limecraft made significant investments in AI transcription and automated subtitling. The combination of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows you to save up to 75% of the turn-around time and the cost. However, and especially relevant to short-form video producers, the time and effort it takes to create a render, to manually upload it onto Limecraft, and to manually import the results back into the editor, just make it too complex.

That is why we have created an Adobe panel. Using the panel, video creators using Adobe Premiere have the AI services at their fingertips without having to standby and nurse the render, without transferring files back and forth. Your clips are processed and the subtitles are available in Adobe in less than a minute. Here is an example.

💡 More info about the panel:

💡 The panel is not yet published on the Adobe Exchange, but it is available to early adopters as a private beta. If you are interested in joining the private beta community, feel free to let us know.

Avid Integration

In a similar effort to improve the usability of AI for producers using Avid, we created a roundtrip workflow whereby Avid users can instruct the execution of workflows in Limecraft without leaving their comfort zone.

Sequences or master clips are transferred onto Limecraft for processing by means of Woody Technologies. Woody sends all the media and the relevant metadata to Limecraft via the API. Upon successful processing, Limecraft throws back the results to the Avid workspace via Cloud Connector, a local agent responsible for securely exchanging data back and forth Limecraft running in the cloud.


Setting up integrated workflows between locally running Avid services and cloud-based services provided by Limecraft involves significant engineering work and is not turn-key available. Feel free to reach out in case you would like more info.

We love your feedback

As always, we love to hear from you and we hope you will continue sharing valuable feedback. Let us know what you think, so we can keep making Limecraft a better, more flexible, more integrated workspace.