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24.4 Release: Configurable Off-load Path and Filenames, Notifications, and Updated Adobe Panel

Stuart Russell
June 19, 2024

Ghent, Belgium, 18th June 2024 – Limecraft is today pleased to announce the latest update to its platform. Release 2024.4 – the fourth release of the year – includes important enhancements to the overall usability of our platform, including new customisation options for email notifications, some ‘quality of life’ improvements relating to folder and file naming conventions, as well as an important update of the Limecraft panel for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Configurable Off-load Paths

Release 24.4 changes the configuration settings that determine content import and backup behaviour via Limecraft Edge (version 6.13.0 and above).

Previously the platform required you to name the three configurable folders comprising the ‘Edge Path’ (how imported media are structured in the Edge library and downstream in your Limecraft Workspace) using one single metadata field per folder. Now, we’ve opened this up so folder names can be a mix of typed text and metadata fields. A screenshot of the Limecraft platform showing the new file structure for ingest and off-load paths.

The effect in Limecraft Edge is that you will be required to input all the fields used in the Edge Path configuration (in orange) upon backup or import. After successful ingest, these fields will be handed over to your production workspace so they can be used to populate the navigation bar, for grouping clips, or for searching.

Screenshot fragment of Limecraft Edge, where the fields defined in the import path appear as mandatory metadata

Similarly, the structure of the ‘Offload Disk Path’ for backups has been opened up from four folders with one metadata field for each folder name, to an unlimited number of folders and a mix of typed text and metadata fields per name.

Limecraft screenshot fragment illustrating how a system administrator can modify offload paths and file naming conventions

💡 For more information on off-load path configuration, visit the knowledge base.

Ingest Filename Configuration

Taking into account feedback from our user community, release 24.4 now enables you to overwrite the incoming file name at the point of ingest. Without such a rewrite, files might have unreadable computer generated names, but ‘clean’ readable names are more appropriate when you are downloading files from your Limecraft workspace. The original names can now be rewritten, helping readability and enabling workflows based on filename conventions.

Email Notification Customisation

This release also brings some changes to the templates used for email notifications. We’ve reworked these to improve both clarity and consistency, ensuring that all actions undertaken or required are clearly highlighted, along with any next steps. These templates now also include additional options for customisation.

Updated Adobe Panel

The Limecraft panel for Adobe Premiere Pro has been upgraded to include several stability improvements and compatibility enhancements. We’re also making custom dictionaries available to Adobe users looking to transcribe and subtitle their content.

A screenshot of the Limecraft panel for Adobe Premiere Pro that enables you to remotely access transcription and subtitling services.

💡 To access the full release notes, which includes some additional enhancements not listed above, please click here.

For a deeper dive into this release, catch up with our recent webinar on 20th / 21st June that also covers some additions to release 24.3 and looks ahead to IBC 2024 – click here for the video.

As always, we look forward to receiving any feedback on this update. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.