Release Notes, Features

December Digest

Maarten Verwaest
January 12, 2020

December 2019 was a very busy month after all for all the right reasons! We really appreciate that some of you decided to replace their entire asset management infrastructure, which meant ingesting your entire stock into Limecraft Flow by the end of the year.

Consequently, we processed almost as much assets in December as we did during the rest of the year. Thanks to the scalability of the cloud platform, you haven’t noticed the peak load issues during that time. A happy outcome of all that work is that we’re now processing your media even faster than before.

We also released a number improvements to Limecraft Flow, including federated search and sharing of subclips. More importantly, we released a major upgrade of Limecraft Edge to support compound file formats like DCP, IMF and iTunes. Whilst in beta, we would like to draw your attention to order tracking and and to Limecraft Tools, which is a solid way of accessing our API if you are integrating third party software.

Please do keep an eye on your mailbox, as we plan to release a reporting module, a complete make over of sharing and review, and more languages for localisation in January.

1. Federated Search

You asked, we listened and executed. Your libraries are growing and more users are active in several productions. In that case, you might be faced with the challenge to efficiently find the right material, without having to access each individual project or collection.

So you can now efficiently search and retrieve the right material by using the global search function (on top of the production listing). It will give you direct access to the material fragments you have access to.

More about the search engine on the knowledge base.

Federated search – searching across different productions

2. Sharing of clips and subclips

Securely sharing material with third parties without having to transfer files, has been at the core of our offering since day 1. However, while you had to create and share a collection before, you can now share individual clips and subclips as well.

3. Edge 4.2 – Support for DCP, DSP, IMF and many more

Edge probing, encoding and ingest have been improved and you can now import and manage structured file formats like DCP, IMF and iTunes, as well as various sorts of image sequences. Edge detects such packages and will ask you how to handle them in order to create a proxy.

If you are already using Edge, you can easily upgrade by downloading and installing the new version.

If you’re not yet using Limecraft Edge, you can download Edge as well and please contact to get a valid license key you can use to activate Edge.

4. Beta – workflow control

When you’re managing several workflows at the same time, possibly using media stored on different locations and in different stages of processing, Limecraft Flow now gives you the bird’s eye view to make sure you are on top.

Individual workflows can be displayed as “Orders”, which is special type of collection in the navigation on the left hand side. An order refers to material fragments in the different states (e.g. raw, work in process, waiting for approval and released) and is linked with the different actions that can be automatically or manually initiated.

You can play around with the sort order of the workflows and, more importantly, you can chose to display a different colours and icons depending on the state of processing.

Order tracking is currently in beta and needs to be configured by our support team. Feel free to reach out via

5. Beta – Limecraft Tools

Targeted to system’s experts and integrators, we made available a software library that bundles the client code to easily access our API’s for the most common functions, like ingesting content, version control, manipulating thumbnails, starting transcriptions, and others.

Limecraft Tools bundles and replaces an entire breed of point solutions, built by ourselves or our customers for a particular purpose in the past. By making them available as a single library supported by Limecraft, we give you the insurance your integration points are fully compatible with our API and future proof.

More about using Limecraft Tools on the knowledge base.