Heading for IBC? Here is what’s New

Maarten Verwaest
September 9, 2018

In less than one week, IBC opens its doors. It is a unique place where you can experience new media technologies come to live. If you are looking for a solid workflow solution, here is why you should check in with Limecraft. We’re sharing some first-hand insights and best practices applicable to various sorts of production, including Scripted Entertainment, Factual Content and Subtitling.
Customers prefer Limecraft to take care of their workflow for the following reasons:

  • it is cloud-based, which makes it easy to connect third parties without having to wait for material transfers
  • it is extensible because you can now use Drop Folders and Cloud Connector to connect any existing production application or Asset Management system
  • it is cost-effective because you only pay what you use
Considering feature film and episiodic drama, Limecraft Edge processes all common 4k/UHD formats, including audio sync and colour correction. In combination with Limecraft Flow, shots are automatically into scenes, effectively reducing your edit budget with 30%. Because it runs in the cloud, teams in different locations can easily share and review each other’s material.
For factual content and unscripted entertainment, we’ve made it easier to manipulate large badges of content. Automated ingest, machine transcription and bulk tagging enable you to process large volumes of raw material in a really sort timeframe.
This autumn’s release features full automation of the language-to-language subtitling or localisation. More and more content is distributed on a global scale and needs translation. So we’ve added a translation step to the existing Transcription service. Obviously you can then cut the translated script in properly timed subtitles, using a specific style guide or “spotting rules”.
Last but not least, we’ve reworked the administrative sections you need to manage your account and your team. Improved account management section provides a cockpit for the technical account manager, enabling him to control hundreds of catalogues by a single overview. On the other hand, role-based access permissions give you a better overview of the different access permissions granted to users per catalogue. With these, you can securely scale your Limecraft account to virtually unlimited numbers of catalogues and users.
If you are attending this year’s IBC in Amsterdam from September 14th to September 18th, please make sure to carve out some time and to pay us a visit at booth 10.F42. Our experts warmly welcome all your workflow challenges and questions. You can book a demo or schedule a meeting by simply dropping us an email.

Find us at IBC in Hall 10, booth 10.F42