Improved Account Management

Nico Oorts

Nico Oorts
July 3, 2018

When your organization needs to manage multiple productions and users, you need a well-organized account management. As the current functionality was too limited, we took the necessary steps to expand it.

Account Roles

First of all, a new set of user rights were introduced:

Owner: the owner is the primary administrator of the account and has access to all administrative functions such as access controls, roles, permissions and billing. The owner can give admin rights to standard users.

Admin: the admin can manage users, create productions, manage production settings and handle other maintenance tasks. Admins can access all productions by default, although in read only mode. If they want to effectively perform a number of production tasks (for which the necessary activity needs to be maintained), they need to add themselves, via the team management page, as full members to the production.

Create productions: standard users can create productions within the account if they have the “create productions” right.

Deactivated: any user can be deactivated by the owner or admin, which will block access to the various productions.

Note: A Limecraft account can only have 1 owner. If necessary, ownership can be transferred. Contact support@limecraft.com for more information.

Production Overview

The first visible difference can be seen in the production overview. All productions per account are now grouped here for a better overview. Users who have the necessary rights (owner, admin, create productions) can create new productions within the account workspace. Owners and admins can also customize the account settings.

Creating productions

Permitted users (owner, admin, create production) can create productions within an account (not just the personal account). When creating a production, a dropdown menu can be used to indicate to which account this production should be added.

In our next release, we will add a feature that allows to set up a production based on a production settings template at creation time.

Account Settings

Owners & admins can use account settings to make the necessary configurations at the account level. With this release we bring the following features: You can now add users at account level, view the consumption of the account or change the name of the account.

Add & Deactivate Users

Users can now easily be added to an account by an owner or admin. If, within an account, a user’s access needs to be blocked, this user can be deactivated from the account settings.