Press Release

Limecraft secures €470k in Angel Funding

Maarten Verwaest
January 22, 2013

Ghent, January 22 2013 – Limecraft, provider of an online media production platform, today announced that it has received 470K EUR in funding from iMinds (formerly IBBT), Qunova and a number of private investors with a strong background in the media industry.

Limecraft has developed Flow, an online production platform aimed at professionals in the television and film industry.  Flow is a cloud-based application used by creative staff to exchange concepts, scripts and video files. Using Flow, creative staff get control and visibility over their content much earlier, whilst getting an important head start on the edit. Because all information and media files are exchanged in real-time, a typical production is executed faster and more cost-effective.

“We have been able to develop an initial pilot on our own strength and now we must reach a critical mass of users as soon as possible. All successful software-as-a-service platforms up to date have been implemented globally and rapidly. This capital increase is vital to sustain our current pace of research and development while executing an international roll-out”, says CEO Maarten Verwaest.

Flow revolutionizes the way a media production is executed. Most of today’s professional environments use a document-oriented approach. Because each document is a potential source of errors, there is a permanent risk of information getting lost. A document-oriented workflow strongly inhibits collaboration and leads to slow and expensive processes. Taking into account the limitations of a conventional process, Limecraft Flow has been genuinely designed for maximum collaboration. By using a secure online repository and a paperless workflow, all information and data are directly and safely exchanged with other participants, indifferent of their physical location or the type of device they are using.

Limecraft’s CEO Maarten Verwaest is convinced that digitisation has just started in the area of television and film production. “Limecraft Flow paves the way for a next wave of industrialisation which will be characterised by multi-channel delivery, customizable production and personalisation. Because our solution automates the main information flows in the production area, it allows significant time-and cost-savings and thus it creates an opportunity for producers to explore new creative possibilities.