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Limecraft’s Subtitler named Product of the Year at NAB 2019

Maarten Verwaest
April 11, 2019

LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2019 – Leading cloud-based video production workflow provider Limecraft was awarded Product of the Year in the category in the category Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the 2019 NAB Show Awards ceremony for their work on automated closed captioning and localisation of content.

Highlighting the most significant and promising new technologies on display at the exhibition, the NAB Show Product of the Year Awards is an independently-judged awards program that recognises product innovation and ingenuity.

Extending their know-how of setting up production-grade workflows that make use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve productivity ratios, Limecraft cracked the challenge of automatically creating subtitles in both the original language as well as in non-domestic languages. The software is available as a service through their cloud platform Limecraft Flow.

Screenshot of Limecraft for subtitling and localisation, using machine translation to automate the translation of subtitles

The shift from traditional linear distribution to VOD distribution and the subsequent globalisation of film and video distribution, have created an exploding market for localisation services. Producers and distributors of high-end content are challenged to cost-effectively localise their content. Limecraft Subtitler allows them to automatically create an initial subtitle template at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional methods, and to subsequently add other languages at marginal cost.

“Computer Assisted Localisation will eventually serve a vast cohort of small and medium sized independent producers, which would otherwise be restricted from global distribution”, says Maarten Verwaest. “Our innovations foster and stimulate cultural diversity, to the benefit of the global creative sector. We give tools to small and mid size producers so they can remain competitive in a more and more globalised context.”

Automatic subtitling services have been developed with the support of the Media programme of the European Commission, in collaboration with BTI Studios and the VRT. Apart from these stakeholders, several post-production facilities and broadcasters in Europe have extensively tested and positively evaluated the product.

About Limecraft

Limecraft offers a cloud-based Asset Management and Workflow platform optimised for maximum collaboration and productivity. Producers and post-production facilities of all sizes use Limecraft to optimise their workflow. Limecraft automates repeatable tasks, including ingest, logging and transcription, rough-cut, as well as subtitling and localisation.

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More info on Computer Assisted Subtitling on the website or the knowledge base.

About the NAB Show Product of the Year Awards

NAB Show Product of the Year Awards recognise the most significant and promising new products and technologies on display for the first time at the NAB Show. Award winners were selected by a panel of industry experts in a variety of categories and were announced at a ceremony at the Westgate on April 10 as part of the 2019 NAB Show.

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