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‘The Workspace for Video Teams’ launched at IBC 2022

Charlotte Coppejans
August 17, 2022

Limecraft launches ‘The Workspace for Video Teams’ at IBC 2022

GHENT, August 17, 2022 – Known for its leadership in AI-powered shot listing, transcription and subtitling, Limecraft introduces the next-generation, cloud-native Workspace for Video Teams at this year’s IBC

IBC visitors will experience a live demonstration of the most versatile and intuitive video workspace platform currently available. Limecraft allows production teams of all sizes to embark on seamless, 100% digital collaboration – from the first rushes to managing thousands of masters.

The founders of Limecraft started their careers working for one of the leading media companies in Europe. Having experienced the limitations of many of the point solutions in video production and media asset management, they founded Limecraft with a vision to create an end-to-end solution for creative storytelling, a seamless, versatile, and cloud-native video workspace for all sorts of productions and team sizes.

Limecraft is loved by award-winning creators and trusted by the largest producers in the world. At the time of writing, every single day, over ten thousand professionals working for media companies such as the Associated Press (AP), Arrow Media, BBC, ITV, IMG, Warner Bros, France Télévisions, Newen Studios, Eclair, SVT rely on the Limecraft platform.

Accurately trained AI-powered engines eliminate the grunt work, emancipating hundreds of thousands of hours for creative storytelling. At the same time, Limecraft remains committed to the environment (minimising the production carbon footprint) and to the security of customers’ precious and premium content.

Optimised for usability, users learn how to use the Limecraft workspace in a matter of minutes. Doing so, they get instant access to a wide range of best-of-breed tools like ingest orchestration including audio sync, video ingest and transcoding, video editing software, Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines including automated transcription and subtitling, AI shot listing, quality control, Media Asset Management (MAM), storage management, etc.

Maarten Verwaest, co-founder of Limecraft: “IBC remains the largest and most representative meeting of media professionals. After three years, we are so much looking forward to meet again with customers, partners and friends. We can’t wait to unveil the next-generation Workspace for Video Teams.”


Limecraft Workspace for Documentary setup at Hotel Hungaria

Workspace for documentary production at Hotel Hungaria

About Limecraft

Limecraft, the Workspace for Video Teams, is a cloud-based video collaboration platform used by creative professionals and producers to securely store, manage and exchange media content, and to orchestrate the production workflow. Used for TV series, continuous drama, documentaries, corporate videos, or news and sports stories, Limecraft automates the grunt work so users have more time for creative story telling.