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Tools for your Next Generation Production Pipeline

Charlotte Coppejans
September 28, 2022

Limecraft took the stage at this year’s Media Tech Hub Conference for a joint presentation with Final Draft, Yamdu, and Lockit Network. The conference took place in the Babelsberg Film Studios, located in Potsdam-Babelsberg outside Berlin, Germany. A fantastic venue where a lot of film history has been written, as it is the second oldest large-size film studio in the world only preceded by the Danish Nordisk Film (est. 1906), producing films since 1912.

Watch the full recording 👇


During the presentation, we demonstrated the ease of use of an integrated workflow, whereby information on a script made in Final Draft is processed by Yamdu for planning and pre-production, by Lockit Network which can thereby add technical production data to the shots and scenes. When the data coming from these 3 sources are reconciled for post-production by Limecraft, everyone involved on the team gets unprecedented accessibility and the editors get a head-start.

Key takeaways

  • 90% of the valuable metadata is part of the script. If it is not in the script, it is not important.
  • By processing and breaking down the script, Yamdu automates 75% of the manual work of the planners. Errors are avoided. Implementing changes becomes much easier.
  • The script is used as valuable context by Lockit Network to further enrich scenes with shot information and technical metadata from the cameras.
  • By blending the 3 sources of data, Limecraft users see the takes grouped per shot and per scene and they can efficiently search for the right fragment in thousands of files
  • By exposing the Limecraft player in Yamdu, pre-production staff can properly follow up without leaving their application