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Webinar – The Workspace for Scripted Entertainment

Charlotte Coppejans
April 21, 2022

Production of fiction or scripted entertainment has always been on the forefront of creative innovation. Production teams are always looking to collaborate more effectively, regardless of location — especially in today’s hybrid work environment. Luckily, it’s easier than you think!

Discover New Collaborative Tools for Scripted Entertainment

On April 21st 2022, we hosted a live webinar featuring industry experts from France Télévisions, De Mensen and Newen Studios discussing the latest updates and collaborative workflows for Scripted Entertainment. Discover all the ways your team can stay connected, work collaboratively, track progress, and deliver better stories on air, online, and on social media.

Sign up to attend this session and we’ll show you how editors, producers, and assistants can:

    • collaborate remotely in a highly secure online workspace
    • integrate their workspace with existing tools for pre-production and production
    • take advantage of automation that works and how it changes the nature of their job
    • reduce their environmental footprint by avoiding redundant copies and file transfers
    • significantly reduce storage cost by offloading card to and restoring from tape


Join us on April 21st 8.00AM PST – 11.00AM EST – 4.00PM BST – 5.00PM CET  –
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