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Limecraft Highlights Media Intelligence and Real-Time Collaboration for NAB Show 2024

Stuart Russell
March 20, 2024

Ghent, Belgium, 20th March 2024 – With less than a month to go until NAB Show Las Vegas, mediatech innovator Limecraft is calling on the industry to change the way it talks about Artificial Intelligence and reframe the discussion around its use.

“Too often, we hear industry observers talking about AI in a negative manner,” says Limecraft VP of Product Nico Oorts. “The discussion regularly revolves around AI replacing humans and potential de-skilling. Rather than commenting on Artificial Intelligence, we should be talking about Media Intelligence – using the technology in an appropriate way so it takes on repetitive and labour-intensive tasks and frees us to concentrate on creative story telling.”

While there are certainly valid concerns around the use of generative AI in the creative industries, Limecraft believes the technology has an important role to play in increasing efficiency. From using face recognition, automatic speech recognition (ASR) and optical character recognition (OCR) at the core of your MAM system to improve search efficiency, to automated subtitle and localisation and versioning, there are many areas in which this exciting technology is already helping the industry manage and monetise content more effectively.

Limecraft Media Intelligence combines various aspects of image and speech recognition to ensure deep and coherent insight in the meaning of audiovisual content, which allows you to search the archive with laser precision

“The industry has always grappled with the twin issues of technology adoption and efficiency – that’s nothing new,” declares Limecraft co-founder Maarten Verwaest. “Media Intelligence can automate and speed up a great many processes, which is important as content producers and broadcasters are creating and managing increasing volumes of content. As the first industry player to successfully integrate AI into our platform, we’ve consistently shown how it empowers story tellers and helps extend the reach and value of content. When implemented correctly and in an intelligent way, the benefits are enormous.”

Another key theme for Limecraft at the NAB Show is real-time collaboration. “The world has changed since the pandemic, and remote working has become ubiquitous,” adds CEO Joris Claes. “Simple sharing of content is no longer good enough – the industry needs a more integrated approach, reducing transcodes and file transfers, simplifying the workflow, and thus enabling faster work-in-progress reviews, approvals and content delivery.”

“Broadcasters and content producers are grappling with an increasingly complex supply chain and volumes of content (especially short-form) growing at unprecedented rates, and Limecraft’s next platform update (2024.2, due 26 March 2024) addresses the importance of sharing and collaboration with redesigned and improved sharing functionality.”

A screenshot showing real-time collaboration as remote team members comment on a video edit.

“Limecraft’s solution is one of the few that offers genuine two-way content sharing and supports multi-channel audio – a must in this global content marketplace where versioning and localisation have become so important. We’re very much looking forward to discussing our latest platform update with NAB Show attendees, and illustrating how Limecraft can really improve your content production and delivery workflows.”

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About Limecraft:
Loved by award-winning creators and trusted by the industry’s largest content producers, Limecraft offers a fresh approach to managing your video workflows. From pre-production to post-production and delivery, we help producers and storytellers improve collaboration and create more compelling content.

Limecraft’s cloud-based solutions enable content creators to store, manage and share everything from the first rushes to thousands of masters, easily and securely. We help you keep track of locally stored assets and use AI transcription and image recognition to index content and automate repetitive work, letting you focus on creative story editing. Limecraft Workspaces can be easily customised for specific formats like scripted TV, documentary and non-scripted entertainment, getting you up and running in minutes. Delivery logic helps bridge the gap between content producers and broadcasters/streamers by handling file transfer, traffic management reporting, metadata, version control and communication between all stakeholders.

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