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New Version of Limecraft Workspaces aimed at Global Distribution released at #MPTS2022

Charlotte Coppejans
April 25, 2022

The latest release of Limecraft’s cloud-based platform caters for global distribution services, including a new transcoding pipeline, extensive support for multi-channel audio, and full control over the subtitles. This release will be disclosed to public at the London Media Production and Technology Show 2022.

GENT, April 26, 2022Limecraft, the world’s leading workspace for global video teams, announced today that it released a new version of Limecraft Flow, the company’s online platform for production of film and TV content, now supporting packaging and dispatching of content.

In the last 24 months, Limecraft to demonstrate exceptional growth numbers due to its cloud-native approach and the industry making a massive shift toward the cloud. To address audiences as large as possible, producers started creating content intended for global distribution. They used to be hampered by the complexities inherent to global distribution, i.e. the specific technical and stylistic requirements imposed by each distributor and an increasing need for personalisation. Using Limecraft as a repository for masters and the platform for automated execution of formatting and dispatching, producers now experience frictionless content distribution to meet consumers’ growing appetite for global TV and film content.

A completely new encoding pipeline offers a range of new output formats, also including options for scaling and cropping, watermarking, as well as colour and loudness corrections.

Multi-channel audio and audio channel layout configuration, allow producers to create and manage different versions like stereo, surround sound or custom audio configuration. Furthermore, they can qualify the different audio channels according to the nature or the language of the audio, including but not restricted to loudness, codec, and bitrates.

Limecraft is recognised as the leader in accurate machine transcription, which ensures content is more likely to be retrieved by search engines and ranked higher by recommendation engines. In this latest release, we’ve included specific improvements for several minority languages.

Automated subtitling allows producers to define and use different styling and timing characteristics for subtitles according to the specifications of the distribution channel, and subsequently to automatically create different versions of content accordingly.

Together, these options give producers maximum flexibility to manipulate their content according to the specific requirements of the distribution channel, without intervention of third-party service providers, thereby drastically reducing the cost and the turn-around time of the servicing and allowing them to create unlimited versions of their content at marginal cost.

“As the amount of streaming content available is exploding and spread to more global markets, so we had to step up to the plate and add functionality that helps facilitate the entire content dispatching process,” said Maarten Verwaest, CEO of Limecraft. “As content distribution models rapidly evolve, we are now offering a self-service model optimised for maximum flexibility, providing our clients the ability to more efficiently distribute their content and grow their audiences worldwide in an integrated and frictionless manner.”

Limecraft is the world’s premier workspace for video teams that supports all steps in the production process, for all types of content, while seamlessly integrating the tools of their choice. For more information on the different use cases, visit

Click here to download a pdf-version of the press release in English or in French.