Introducing Cloud Connector

Maarten Verwaest
September 6, 2019

Similar to Limecraft Edge, Cloud Connector is bridges the gap between the real and the online world. It connects on premise or 3rd party storage or Asset Management solutions with the workflow which is orchestrated online using Limecraft Flow.

Cloud connector’s responsibilities

  • indexing locally stored content and ensuring the integrity between local storage and the information online in Limecraft Flow
  • executing parts of the workflow that require local interaction, feeding back status updates to the workflow that is managed in Limecraft Flow
  • upon request, retrieve a copy of the high-resolution material from the local storage and make it available to Limecraft Flow online, so that it can be securely shared via Limecraft Flow.

Use Cases

1. Remote Management of Content on Local Storage

Cloud connector can manage copies of high-resolution content stored on local storage (SAN or similar), while the proxies and the metadata managed by Limecraft Flow. If the user instructs operations that affect the locally stored files, Cloud Connector will act on behalf of Limecraft Flow and report status information through the UI of Flow.

Examples of possible interactions

  • you can instruct to move material from online to offline storage or vice versa
  • cloud connector can take care of archive and restore operations
  • cloud connector can execute a retrieve operation and make the file available online for secure sharing through Limecraft Flow

2. Interaction with Content Stored on LTO

Cloud Connector interacts with the middleware on top of tape robots, including IBM Arema and Archiware. For you as a user, the underlying technological complexity is transparent.

Examples of possible interactions

  • end-to-end card support
  • you can instruct to archive material from hot storage to cold storage. Cloud connector will execute the action and report the updates storage locations to Limecraft Flow
  • You can instruct to restore a copy of the material from the LTO drives. Cloud connector will fetch a copy and make it available online. Upon confirmation, you’ll get a notification with a download link.

👉  Customer Case: De Mensen

👉  More info: Webinar Limecraft x Archiware

3. Interaction with on an premise MAM systems

The deployment of a new workflow is seldom a greenfield operation. In many cases we have to interact with existing Media Asset Management systems that have been set up before for a good reason, such as Avid MediaCentral or Editshare. Limecraft will leverage these earlier investments and take the full responsibility of the integration, rather than to replace the existing system. This is possible using Cloud Connector.

In case the master data is managed by a local MAM system, Limecraft Flow becomes the slave. You’ll get additional navigation elements in Limecraft Flow and for each items we display the synchronisation status. Whether you make changes in the local system on through Limecraft, Cloud Connector ensures the overall data integrity.


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