Limecraft announces new Partnerships

Charlotte Coppejans
June 28, 2022

Limecraft announces new partnerships with qibb, Archiware & Mayam

Limecraft strives to satisfy its customers and to provide the best possible service for each use cases. Therefore Limecraft expands the functionality of your workspace by integrating 3rd party services. These partnerships will help you to enhance and extend your production workflow. Find out below what it means for you.


qibb is an integration platform with ready-to-use building blocks for professional media workflows. Connect services low-code, and onboard users with tailored dashboards. Plan, build and run modular solutions for your required professional media use case. Core features include a Workflow Editor, a Dashboard System, and Security Tools, providing maximum flexibility in a dynamic environment.

Use qibb to easily connect Limecraft with third-party applications and automate your workflows. Pre-built connectors make integrations possible at record speed. For example,

  • integrate complementary AI services to add face recognition or object recognition as part of your ingest workflow,
  • create Slack or Teams approval workflows for clip deletion or modifications,
  • or create watch folder-based rules to automatically trigger QC workflows upon ingest.

With qibb, you can deeply integrate Limecraft into your running system. More info on qibb in the partner section.

Limecraft integration qibb


Archiware P5

Archiware’s P5 data management software offers professional protection, replication, backup and archive for production storage. P5 Backup ensures that large data sets are backed up in the shortest time possible. P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution for data migration with mini-MAM features. P5 Synchronize replicates data to ensure maximum data availability.

Limecraft and Archiware P5 Archive Integration

Some of the key features of the Limecraft Video Workspace are the creation and ingest of dailies, logging, and transfers back and forth post-production. High-profile production can produce several TB’s per day. Using Archiware P5 Archive as part of your workspace, you get seamless access to cold storage on LTO tape. It allows you to offload online storage and to generate significant savings on storage cost. More info on the integration in the partner section.

Protecting production at the very beginning: Check-in and check-out of Camera Cards

High-volume producers may need improved support of camera cards in post-production to optimise their workflow. They also need to prevent the creation of folders or ad hoc. Collections of files from camera cards need to be archived, managed, and checked by online editors. Metadata needs to be consistent to be the foundation for later postproduction and long-term use.

Balancing LTO tape and online storage generates significant savings in terms of reduced high-performance online storage space. Additionally, LTO tape offers maximum security through its air gap and durability. Automated workflows driving the storage management help avoid errors and reduce turn-around times. Material can be easily retrieved and instantly used in post-production without manual intervention.

In a first step, camera cards are recognised by Limecraft Edge and transferred as such to a Networked Attached Storage (NAS). Simultaneously, Limecraft Edge also creates web proxies and sends them to Limecraft Flow, including their grouping as a card and adding the card manifest to the collection.

Next, a custom workflow to archive those cards as such from the NAS to the tape drive driven by Archiware P5 Archive) is triggered by Limecraft Flow (in the cloud) and executed by Cloud Connector running on premise.

Find out how De Mensen implemented Archiware and Limecraft in our customer case about telenovela Lisa.

Limecraft Archiware





Mayam delivers workflow orchestration and metadata solutions to professional media organisations around the world. The Mayam Tasks workflow engine software package brings the advanced functionality required by leading media companies. The Mayam Tasks workflow engine is currently in use supporting media workflows in 15+ countries.



Mayam recently developed JustSKOS. JustSKOS is thesaurus manager, developed to bring an intuitive user experience to curators or large scale thesauri, as well as making these available to occasional users. JustSKOS is a structured multi-lingual application of the SKOS-XL standard to manage flat and hierarchical data sets, allowing tailored presentation and edit views.



Mayam Tasks and Mayam JustSKOS are deeply integrated back and forth Limecraft Workspaces. Complex workflows can be started from within the Limecraft environment. During execution by Mayam, progress reporting is displayed in parallel in both in Mayam and in Limecraft user interfaces. Taxonomies managed by Mayam JustSKOS can be used as a restricted datatype for custom fields defined in Limecraft.

Mayam handles complex tasks such as receiving and processing order confirmations, accessing physical storage vaults, or managing long-running QC or restoration tasks.

To the end-user, it is completely transparent integration as there is only one login and a single user interface.